About Us

Here at Pocket Pals we love all creatures big and small but we focus greatly on the small. We produce and sell a variety of pet products, including fleece pee pads, cage liners, cuddle cups, cuddle tubes, fleece forests, C&C cage materials and more. Our company aspires to bring to you, high quality pet products at an affordable and reasonable price. Our products are made in Canada and are all made by hand. Made by small pet owners for like-minded small pet owners. 

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Our Commitment

We developed the Pocket Pals brand to create products to use with our own small pets and to share these products with other small pet owners at a reasonable and consistent price. With hopes to decrease waste and improve quality of life for our pocket pals while keeping the cost of a clean and fun habitat to a minimum. With a firm understanding of each small pets very unique and specific requirements. It is our promise to you, that we will continue to strive to bring to you the most economical pet solutions while maintaining the highest integrity in the quality of our products.

Our Products

Fleece Pads & Liners

Our liners and pads are made with two sided, high quality, anti pill fleece and include two layers of absorbent material for extra absorbency and added comfort for your small pets enjoyment and well being. 100% washable and environmentally friendly.

Fleece Forests / Cuddle Stuff

We offer a number of products for habitat enrichment, including fleece forests, cuddle cups, tunnels, corner forests & more. All of our products are made from high quality double sided, anti pill fleece. 

Cube and Coroplast Cages & Accessories

We offer a variety of cube and coroplast cage (C&C cage) accessories including high quality Canadian made coroplast, 9 cube C&C grids and more.