What is a C&C cage ?

You may have recently found this question come up for yourself or someone else you know. This most likely means you are somewhere in the wonderful world of guinea or skinny pigs. Perhaps you are thinking about or have already recently acquired yourself a piggy. Well look no further, this article will explain everything you need to know about C&C cages.  The first being that C&C cage stands for cube and coroplast cage, these types of cages are made entirely from these two products. Cube grids and coroplast plastic bases.

Cage grid cubes 

The cage grids used in these types of cages are repurposed from shelf building units that are widely available both online and in store. There are a number of different types of these cube shelfs so there are a few requirements to understand before purchasing these cube systems. All grids must contain 9×9 squares per grid, this is an absolute requirement as any less ie 8×8 squares could lead to serious injury of your pig. Many people choose to discard the connection system used in the shelfing build and instead replace them using zip ties, in our own personal cage builds we do the same, we find it to be more convenient than the connectors but to each their own.


 Coroplast plastic is another widely available material that can be purchased at you local hardware store and online in a variety of color and sizes. Coroplast is the perfect choice for building cage bases as it is a non permeable substrate meaning it does not absorb liquid and is very easy to fabricate with. The available size options and color choices lend to a wide variety of cage design possibilities. 


Three main advantages to these types of cages

1 – Adequate living space for a long and healthy life for your small pet

 2 – Choice of design and size 

3 – Availability of materials


Standard for living

C&C cages have become somewhat the standard for guinea pig habitats and act as an outline for proper cage size requirements for each individual pig. The general rule of C&C cage sizing for Guinea pigs and Skinny pigs is measured per 14×14 inch grid. So a 2×3 cage equals, two 14 inch grids by three 14 inch grids. The recommended C&C cage requirements are as follows, 

2×3 : 1 pig
2×4 : 2 pigs
2×5 : 3 pigs
2×6 : 4 pigs

It is however important to bear in mind that if you have two boars they will most likely require 2×1 more space than this and it is recommended to add this additional space in this circumstance. Two boars require a 2×5 cage at minimum to ensure adequate space to prevent fighting and territorial behavior issues. For more information on C&C cages and the many advantages to using them please visit